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  • Negative lighting design rules


    The first thing that needs to be accepted may be that although there are no rules in the Moving head light design itself, the specific lighting design will involve some rules. What we are discussing here is the creation rules, not the number of dimmers or the hanging height of the rear trusses. The lighting Read More

  • The Best Par Cans For Lighting Stages


    一.Brief Description Read More

  • Front Moving Lighting Led Design Rules


    The first thing that needs to be accepted may be that although there are no rules in the lighting design itself, the Moving Lighting Led design will involve some rules. Read More

  • Design rules for stage light


    No matter what you want to illuminate with stage lights, they all have their own characteristics. The object that needs lighting may be text, atmosphere, or music, or it may be the body or the gap between limbs on the stage. If you want to make your own rules, then you need to determine the elements Read More

  • Classification Of Stage Light


    Stage lamps can be divided into three types according to the optical structure: floodlights, spotlights and slide lights; according to the positions installed on the stage, there are face light, slap light, foot light, column light, top row light, sky row light, ground row light and flow The divisio Read More

  • The difference between moving head light and beam light


    the effect of moving head light is better if the distance is less than 5m. If the distance is too large, if it is more than 12m, it is better to use beam light.When the effect performance test is carried out in the production workshop, it can be clearly and truly felt. When the beam lamp is irradiat Read More

  • What is the difference between beam light and moving head light


    The most important thing for beam lights is the beam of light. Bright beams of light are the pursuit of beam lights; moving head lights focus on the final result of the beam of light, that is, the spot and pattern. The purpose of the two lamps is different, so the application occasions have changed Read More

  • The difference between beam light and moving head light


    The beam light is literally not difficult to understand that it can produce a bunch of bright beams of light. It is the most popular stage lighting moving head light. He emphasizes the process of lighting. The size of the light and the time when the light is emitted at a distance of 100 meters Almos Read More

  • Where to use moving head light and beam light


    Moving head lights are more to show the soft and intellectual art, enjoy the aftertaste in the soft and slow dance, through the matching of different colors and patterns, forming a soft and gorgeous scene, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. The beam lamp is a metal halide lamp, and the patter Read More

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