Professional Stage Light Manufacturer
36pcs Led Zoom Moving Head Light/4in1/5in1/6in1

Technology parameters:

36pcs  led Zoom moving head light/4in1/5in1/6in1

Voltage: AC90-240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 400W/540W/648W

Light source : 36pcs x 10W/36pcs x 15W/36pcs x 18Whigh power LED light source

Color: RGBW 4IN1/5in1/6in1 with zoom function

Zoom: Operating range:10°~60°

Focus: Motor driven focus near to far

Lifespan: 50,000 hours lifespan and low power consumption

Pan: 540°/630°

Tilt: 265°

Pan movement: 8 bit smooth pan movement

Tilt movement: 16 bit precise resolution movement

Pan ,Tilt movement: For smooth and precise resolution

Strobe:1-25 per second,Strobe speed from fast to slow

Dimming:0-100% electronic dimming

DMX channel: 10/15 channel,13/17 channel

Control mode:  DMX512, master-slave and sound activated controllable or auto operation

Feature: 1.Scan position memory, auto reposition after unexpected movement

2.Strobe effect with 18 flashes per second and pulse effect

3. General dimming and blackout for all four colors

4. Excellent color mixing and rainbow effect

Display: Blue background LCD display