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Where to use moving head light and beam light

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Moving head lights are more to show the soft and intellectual art, enjoy the aftertaste in the soft and slow dance, through the matching of different colors and patterns, forming a soft and gorgeous scene, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.


The beam lamp is a metal halide lamp, and the pattern lamp is a discharge bulb. The metal halide lamp used in the beam lamp has a small beam angle and a higher light efficiency utilization rate, so even if the power is not very high, a very bright light beam can be obtained.

Because the moving head light irradiates the cone light, the spreading area is much larger than that of the beam light.

The beam light is used in explosive scenes in more occasions, such as close-ups during the opening show and singing and dancing, with stroboscopic, to create a passionate visual impact;


If you are in a bar with a height of only three to five meters, it is a wise choice to choose a moving head light. The beam and patterns can appear to form a good atmosphere, which will not cause discomfort to the guests and bring them discomfort. .

On the contrary, in a very high studio, the wide beam angle of the moving head light will make the beam of light very dark, which cannot achieve the desired lighting effect. Therefore, in this case, the beam light should be used for this occasion. , Unless there are other special requirements for the lighting effects of the venue.

Therefore, when selecting beam lights and moving head lights, the distance used in the actual site and the desired effect should be determined.

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