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Tiger Touch Plus console

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Product Description

Tiger Touch Plus console

Using the powerful Titan 9.1 version of the operating system

Core i7 CUP,Kingston 120GB solid state drives,4GB of memory

Built-in power supply ,control table can be started without

connecting to the ac 220v ,supply system is provided by brand

of Taiwan Mingwei

Support Chinese menu display ,built-in multiple languages,

support graffiti type screen function,support various 3D


10 macro buttons ,can make you operate the control table faster

20 push rods for playbacks ,support more than 1000 program

playbacks;Powerful attribute control window,CMY/RGB color

shade guide system;Support Art-Net network function;

Graphics generation is easy to use,and easy to use the built-in

graphics classification,support CIPT protocol ,can directly see

the media segments the image thumbnail on media server in

the console

Support the wi-fi access,wireless control lights,mobile devices

(iphone ,ipad Touch )remote control lamps

Built-in thousands of lamp base,a built-in lamp base,editing

software you can edit lamp base anytime in the lamp base

of the console

The built-in Visualiser line type light software.If want to

preprogrammed,no problem

Supports MIDI time code sound and light synchronization

function,can also play music transmission time code in the

console to control lighting program playback

Size: 640*330*900mm

Weight: 45.3kg


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