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Negative lighting design rules

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The first thing that needs to be accepted may be that although there are no rules in the Moving head light design itself, the specific lighting design will involve some rules. What we are discussing here is the creation rules, not the number of dimmers or the hanging height of the rear trusses. The lighting designer must know what and why the lighting design is.

The creative rules of lighting design can often be clearly shown from the negative examples. In a company, the background light for the CEO cannot be the theme color of a competitor's company, nor can it conflict with the color of the presentation on the screen. While the speakers are discussing last year’s losses with heart, even the most dull lighting designer will not destroy the sensational atmosphere that was mobilized in order to announce the company’s honor later. The interactive round table seminar does not want a dark auditorium and only a narrow spot on the stage.

There are also rules for music, although it is subconscious. In terms of lighting design, the lighting effects need to look different when double-clicking the hi-hat and hitting the kick drum or rim. The melody of lead guitar and bass guitar is also completely different. Quiet a cappella songs usually do not match the white dyeing light that covers the entire stage and the bright light that illuminates the audience. The melancholic blues is not a bright melody. Traditional jazz and stroboscopic effects cannot be coordinated, no matter how much you like these effects. Not only are everyone involved in the performance aware of such rules, the audience also understand. Doing so will not get the right effect

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