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Mechanical system range of moving head light

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The mechanical system of the moving head light is very wide, including materials, structure, mechanical properties, housing requirements, heat dissipation requirements and so on. The main considerations for the selection of lamp materials are: meeting the functional requirements of the lamp, the degree of difficulty in manufacturing, and the economy. The materials of international and domestic 1200W moving head lamps are mainly steel, plastic and aluminum alloy. Under the premise of satisfying the overall function of the lamp, the structural model of the lamp is designed, divided into different parts, and using different materials. Such as Aceda-spot1200III1200W moving head lamp, the lamp body shell is made of plastic parts, and the lamp body support frame, base, side plate, and end plate are made of aluminum alloy castings, stamping parts, and car parts.

The structure of the lamp determines its mechanical properties, heat dissipation, strength, noise, weight and other factors. Both the international and domestic 1200W moving head lights use a double-arm support structure. The lamp body rotates horizontally up to 540° and vertically up to 255°. The base part must be strengthened to meet the requirements of hanging head flip.

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