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Led Par Stage Light Manufacturer

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Product Description

The sizes of Led Par Stage Light tend to vary, usually ranging between PAR 16 and PAR 64. The number used to represent the size of the can is 1/8 of an inch, and this goes for the LED or regular bulbs as well as the PAR cans themselves. For example: A PAR 64 can is able to support a bulb that is 1/8th of 64, or 8 inches, in diameter. Despite the fact that stage and theatrical illumination is the primary use of these PAR cans, they are used in many other situations as well. A number of clubs, restaurants, and pubs use these lights. They are also used for a number of architectural purposes. PAR cans are often used as part of a track lighting setup, though only the small PAR 16s are used for this purpose. We are offering a range of PAR cans, LED and regular PAR bulbs, and an extensive selection of top quality PAR can accessories. You will find that all of your PAR can needs can be filled by checking out our store, so make sure to drop by for a visit today. This will help you to brighten your stage in a whole new way, making your theatrical effects much more "effective".

Input voltate:ac90-245v/50-60hz

Power consumption:180w

Drive current: 4.5A

Light source:18x10w (RGBW 4 in 1) LED Rainbow effect

Light Angle: 35 degree

Life time:100,000h

IP rate: PI20

Control: DMX512 master-slave control,auto,sound gradual change,jump change

Power connection:power input and output

DMX connection:DMX input and DMX output

Channel: 4/8 channels(digital display)

Dimming: linear dimming effect(0-100% 16 Bi dimming)

Waterproof and dustproof mirror:tempered glass

Housing: die-cast aluminum

Working environment: -20ºC~45ºC

Function effect:shaking the display board to control static custom mode,0-25hz strobe

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