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How to moving head light and beam light works

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Moving head light

Working principle: 220V—rectifier—trigger—light bulb—temperature controller—zero line

The 220V power supply first arrives at the rectifier and is output to the trigger B terminal through the rectifier. The other two terminals of the trigger are connected to both ends of the bulb, and then output to the neutral line through the thermostat.

The trigger only works when the light bulb is lit, mainly to give a high voltage to both ends of the bulb, so that the gas inside changes electrical and light up. When the light bulb is on, there is no work inside the trigger, just equivalent to connecting the rectifier. (The same principle as the old fluorescent lamp). The function of the rectifier is to make a partial pressure with the bulb after the bulb is lit.

Beam light

Working principle: using the light source with short focal length focusing principle and lens focusing effect, it is currently the most popular for major performances, mainly suitable for live singing and dancing, more popular occasions, variety shows to mobilize the atmosphere

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