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Garden Project Wave Effect Light

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Product Description

Garden Project Wave Effect Light  and theaters, you will find that PAR cans are used much more commonly than any other type of luminary. The fixtures of the PAR cans are nearly comically simplistic in the design, with a closed off cylindrical tube made using a combination of aluminum and steel. The acronym PAR means "parabolic aluminum reflector", and the name comes from the design of the PAR can that utilizes a reflector in the design of the PAR cans. This reflector helps to concentrate the shining light, as well as giving the light the shape of an oval, also known as a parabola. There is a socket inserted into the back of the PAR cans, and this socket is used to hold the bulbs used to provide the illumination of the PAR cans. The socket also provides the electric current needed to power the light.


The sizes of "PAR cans" tend to vary, usually ranging between PAR 16 and PAR 64. The number used to represent the size of the can is 1/8 of an inch, and this goes for the LED or regular bulbs as well as the PAR cans themselves. For example: A PAR 64 can is able to support a bulb that is 1/8th of 64, or 8 inches, in diameter. Despite the fact that stage and theatrical illumination is the primary use of these PAR cans, they are used in many other situations as well. A number of clubs, restaurants, and pubs use these lights. They are also used for a number of architectural purposes. PAR cans are often used as part of a track lighting setup, though only the small PAR 16s are used for this purpose. We are offering a range of PAR cans, LED and regular PAR bulbs, and an extensive selection of top quality PAR can accessories. You will find that all of your PAR can needs can be filled by checking out our store, so make sure to drop by for a visit today. This will help you to brighten your stage in a whole new way, making your theatrical effects much more "effective".

Technical Parameters 

Input voltage:AC110V-240V,50-60Hz


Light source type:LED 200w

Chip brand:Osram chip

Light emitter angle:10° 18° 28° 36° 40° 48°

Lamp lifetime:50000h

Color temperature of light source:6500k-7000k

Button mode:touch buttom mode

Cooling method:conduction air cooling

Adjustment method:manual adjustment

Lamp body material:die-casting mold+aluminum profile

Intenal protection:electronic moisture-proof processing

working environment: -20 ℃~ +40 ℃

Waterproof rating:IP65

Product size:34x30x36cm

Product weight:11kg

Light body color:black,gray(optional)

Sport shape:round/spliced square

Strobe speed frequency : 1-20HZ/sec

Number of channels:5CH

Connection mode:four cables layout(two dmx,two power)

Number of colors:1 color while(5 colors+white)

Effect pattern:two water rippies,dual images can be rotated at a variable speed

Display mode:LED touch screen LCD display

Protection function:electronic positioning function,light source overheal protection

Control method:internation standard DMX512/manual model control/master-slaver model control

Temperaure control:real-time monitoring of light source temprerature

Other controls:automatic operation to change color,offline automatic operation to change color

adjustment angle:180° up and down

Feature control:stand-alone programmable(professional operation)

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