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Front Moving Lighting Led Design Rules

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The first thing that needs to be accepted may be that although there are no rules in the lighting design itself, the Moving Lighting Led design will involve some rules. What we are discussing here is the creation rules, not the number of dimmers or the hanging height of the rear trusses. The Moving Lighting Led  designer must know what and why the lighting design is.

In some performances, it may be difficult to grasp the rules of lighting design, and even negative rules are difficult to determine. A typical example is a stage play that does not conform to naturalism. At this point, anything is possible. In order to face the unruly creation abyss again, maybe you should make some rules yourself to take the first step.

In the Moving Lighting Led of abstract installations, especially those that are very typical and "modern", you can choose to apply the laws of naturalistic lighting design to the environment. This may be a risky option, and you may end up with "out of tune" lighting effects. When a huge bright red cube is placed on the stage, the simulated sunlight may look very unnatural. What should be done Have you tried to eliminate the figure of the cube, and then continue to chase the sun, hoping that the effect of noon can be vividly presented in front of your eyes?

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