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Electrical characteristics of moving head lights

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The vast majority of professional 1200W moving head  lights worldwide used rare gas discharge light sources. The start and stable operation of the gas discharge bubble depends on the design of the circuit type, the selection of electrical components such as power supply, ballast, etc. After the rare gas discharge bulb is started, generally no stabilization time is required. To ensure stability, the difference between the circuit's maintenance voltage and the instantaneous voltage of the bulb should be sufficiently large during the entire AC cycle.

For starting, stability, extinction, and restart of the light source, the circuit should be designed according to the characteristics of the light source. The starting voltage of the rare gas discharge bubble is very high, which requires the use of transformers, starting devices, semi-resonant circuits, etc. to increase the instantaneous starting voltage. The stability of the light source after starting depends on the matching of ballast and circuit parameters. The basic function of the ballast is to prevent the current from running out of control and make the light source work under its normal electrical characteristics. Manufacturers usually use two types of ballasts, one is an inductive rectifier and the other is an electronic rectifier. The advantages of inductive rectifiers are good stability, and the disadvantages are heavy. They have high requirements on the strength, handling, and loading and unloading of the lamp body; electronic rectifiers are essentially power conversion circuits, which carry out the input power current in frequency, waveform, and amplitude. change. Its advantage is light weight, convenient for loading and unloading, handling; the disadvantage is high structural design requirements and high maintenance costs.

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