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Design rules for stage light

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No matter what you want to illuminate with stage lights, they all have their own characteristics. The object that needs lighting may be text, atmosphere, or music, or it may be the body or the gap between limbs on the stage. If you want to make your own rules, then you need to determine the elements that form its characteristics. It is possible that a section of a song is similar to another section, or a scene is dramatically similar to an earlier scene, even if their physical locations are not the same. The characteristics of the relationship between things on the stage may be able to provide a design fulcrum so that you can smoothly formulate a lighting design rule for this relationship. If a band has a special way of playing at different points, which angle or arrangement is suitable for the characteristics of this performance? This is not to create a certain design formula, but to better respond to the material and the audience, thereby improving the performance of the performance and allowing everyone involved to better understand what is happening. Otherwise, all you have to do is to light up.


If the focus of the meeting shifts after the coffee break, can we change the lights accordingly, and then turn it back at the end of the coffee break? Nowadays, what color light should be used during the tea break? During the tea break, is the environment comfortable or chaotic? Are these lighting changes fast and bold or soothing and detailed? Should changes be made at all?


As mentioned earlier, in lighting design, the rules for using creative elements may be ready-made or sometimes elusive. If "design" is an art with intention, then only after the intention is determined can meaningful creation be carried out. Even chaos can reflect certain rules. If you want to adopt a chaotic design, turn it into a positive chaos with motivation.

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