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China LED COB Zoom Pat Light

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Product Description

300W LED COB Zoom Pat Light Supplier

Short for parabolic reflectors, these are lights used as wash fixtures. These lights can cover large parts of the stage to fill in gaps that the spotlights do not cover or to wash the entire stage. These fixtures typically do not have any sort of zoom or focus option, but come in a variety of lens types to get different beam angles. This is the most common type of fixture you will see, because it is generally the most cost effective while providing the most coverage.

Technical Parameters 

  • Input voltage: ac110-240v / 50-60hz

  • Rated power: 300 (W) 

  • Power connection: power input and output

  • dmx connection: dmx input and dmx output   

  • Light source:1x300W(White)

  • Angle:10-60degree

  • Indicates: ≥ 90

  • Life time:100000 h        

  • Control: DMX512 master-slave control, auto,sound, gradual change, Jump change

  • Channel: CH4-CH3-CH2 channels (digital display) 

  • Dimming: linear dimming effect (0-100% 16Bi dimming)

  • Function effect: shaking the display board to control static, custom mode, 0-25Hz strobe

  • Housing: die-cast aluminum 

  • Color:black 

  • IP:IP20

  • Lighting wide receiver: Power line in and out, dmx in and out 

  • Cooling System: Die-cast high thermal conductivity 

  • CE 、ROHS

  • -20℃~45℃

  • Package size(Normal carton):53*53*26cm/1pcs

  • N.W.:5kg/pcs

  • G.W.:6kg/pcs

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