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China LED 4 In1 Flat Par Light

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Product Description

China LED 4 In1 Flat Par Light  Parameter:

1、Input Voltage:    AC90-240V,50/60Hz

2、Power Consumption:    180W

3、Light Source:    50W*4PCS COB RGBW 4in1 LED,Each LED can be controlled individual

4、Lamp life:    50000hrs

5、Beam Angle:    12°

6、Display :    Digital LED display                                                                                          

7、Control Mode:    DMX512,Master/Slave,Auto,Sound Active,Infrared control 

8、DMX Channel:    6/9/21 DMX Channels

9、Dimmer:    0-100% smooth linear adjustment

10、Strobe:    High speed strobe effect with 1-25 flashes per second 

11、Cooling mode:     Fan cooling(Temperature control) 

12、Fan Control:     Adjust fan control according to temperature

13、Temperature protection:     Temperature protection by controlling the output power                                                   

14、Housing Material:    Die-cast aluminum housing

15、Anti-electricity intension:    1.5KV 

16、Insulation Resistance:    >2MΩ 

17、IP Rate:    IP20

18、Net Weight:    2.5Kg

19、Packing size:    310*310*155mm

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