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20-60W LED Spotlight Profile

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Product Description

20-60W LED spotlight profile

voltage: AC110V-240V/50-60HZ

power: 20W/30W/60W

light source: Brightest white lighting 30W

Color temperature: 3200K /6500K

CRI: CRI 90%

Control mode: 3DMX Channels, LCD screen, 4dimming curve for alternation,

The master and slave machines are synchronized, and go independently

Beam Angle : 16°

Lighting Lux: 1800Lux/5m

Scanning frequency: 2000HZ

Heatsink : Copper thermal conductivity and silent fan

Housing shell: die casting aluminum profile


Working temperature: LED central temperature >40°

Lighting Size: 39x18x18cm/pc;

N.W.: 2KG/pc

2.5m spot diameter:72CM

3.5m spot diameter:105CM

1. It has portable ellipsoid housing which is adopt by die casting aluminum alloy and beautiful and firm black.

2. Considerable design doesn’t any tools to finish all adjustment which including the cleanness of lens and ellipse reflector as well as replacement of LEDs.

3. High precision optical lighting channel design can adjust focus zoom casually.

4. High precision and aspherical optics professional lens provide shadow pattern effect.

5. It can casually to adjust angel from 10°to 30°to meet cosine lighting requirements.

6. Adding Wuji adjustment of aperture, you can use it causally and do it as you imaged, what’s more, using ROSCO, soft light effect is more obvious.

7. Anti-glare systems is adopted by New coating technology which make 95% visible light reflex correctly from cone cold white light reflector, and make 80% infrare dlight and heat  dispatch quickly from back side. At the same time, it can maintain lighting room temperature between 3200K.


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